Sleeves for the production of kebabs

Rado company is engaged in manufacturing paper cores, which are used in the production of kebabs. These tubes are coated both internally and externally with gold or silver foil, which is in 100% suitable in the process of packaging, freezing as well as in the final – roasting. The product offered by our company is mainly used in meat processing and catering. Aluminum foil prevent the ingress of moisture and fat to the sleeve for a longer freshness and better flavor and appearance of meat. Aluminum foil has a certificate allowing her to direct contact with food goods.

Sleeves made for kebab's manufacturers have diameters of 17.4 mm and a wall thickness of 2.8 mm and are cut to any length. It is also possible to perform a sleeve on the other, individual parameters depending on demand. Thimble capacious are packed as 228 pcs. / per cardboard.

The company also distributes food wrap intended for packaging food kebabs. This food wrap, by using the highest quality components are resistant to the adhesion to the meat during the freezing process, as well as perfectly protects them from negative external factors. The high quality of our food wrap has been accepted and recognized by leading German and Turkish kebabs producers.

The parameters of foil:

  • thickness – 12 microns
  • width – 290mm
  • length – according to demand